Apple The Goddess Fruit.


The apple is quite possible the most famous of all fruit. It appears in many fairytales as well as religious lore for a reason… Its enchanted. Apples are ruled by the element of water, and the planet Venus. Its a fruit that contains the energy of the sacred feminine. It’s healing, life giving, female energy. Long before any people on earth practiced modern dark magic the pentacle (five-pointed star) was used in ancient societies to symbolize the goddess. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit (consciousness) are what make up the whole earth and the universe.

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Goddess culture was dominate for a long time in the ancient world and people saw the earth around them as a holistic being and source of nourishment. Throughout the solar year points of transition like equinoxes were seen as sacred doorways or portals that should be celebrated. Apple season is always best right around October the month that holds the most sacred day Samhain or (Halloween). This is the day where the veil between the spirit world and earth plane is completely lifted. Apples were eaten and used for all kinds of spells on this day because according to legend, the apple is one of the few foods that spirits and faeries can consume. They are also seen in the magical community as protective and beautifying, eating apples brings youth into the body and wards away old age and illness. In fact Avalon (the celtic afterlife) literally means land of apples. There is a legend about a beautiful faerie queen who brings a handsome man to her island of apples, where he eats one and then remains there with her forever young and happy. Another legend says that apple trees exist in both the earth plane and the faerie realm, they are multidimensional trees.


Okay, so personally I have found that by using apples to cleanse the body is most effective. They contain lots of fiber, vitamin C, and something called pectin, which removes all kinds of toxins from the body. Here is something you can try that I’ve done many times when I feel like I need a reset. This will give you amazing results including clear skin, weight loss, slimmer waist, mental clarity, sharper senses, energy boost, powerful detoxing, and an increase in your psychic abilities too (there is a reason why apples are associated with spirits and the afterlife.)

For a period of 2-4 days consume only organic apples and pure water. You can add a tiny bit of raw apple cider vinegar to your water for extra detoxifying also. The fiber and the pectin will gently scrub your insides clean. That may sound like a really hard thing to do but I can assure you it is actually quite easy and you will really love the results. I am by no means a doctor and this is not about medical advice. However because I have done this many times, I can say I have had so many positive experiences. Every time I have done this cleanse, which for me lasts about 3 days usually and I do it a few times a year, really interesting things start to happen. People around me ALWAYS offer me tons of food I’ll get invited to a banquet party, my roommates will order my favorite take out, my partner will make my favorite dish for himself, my boss will bring me cupcakes, its like clockwork because it ALWAYS happens. This can be very TEMPTING… 😉 but if you can hold on it gets better. After the first 2 days you will feel really confident and beautiful about yourself, your skin will look amazing and glow, you will feel very comfortable with your body size, and the ability to visualize and meditate can be done very easily. Other lucky things happen during the cleanse too and by the end of the 3rd day you will feel like a brand new person ready to take on anything! Life will feel renewed and rejuvenated. Your perspective will change for sure.

I always find it is best to start this cleanse the day after a full moon, appetite naturally decreases when the moon is waning. Happy Cleansing


Rose Oil Magical Effects

rosaRoses are the most sacred of all flowers. They bring the energy of heavenly higher realms to Earth and speak of everlasting beauty. Roses are sacred to the goddess Venus / Aphrodite. The flower symbolizes love and beauty, protected by thorns and delicate leaves. Roses are true healers and the very scent of rose heals our heart centers and balances our emotions. It’s funny how the answers we seek are in plain sight most of the time. When I actually discovered the power of rose oil my life changed instantly.

Rose Oil is the most bio-active botanical substance known because it is pure love. The energy in rose oil is very high vibrational! Whenever you apply any essential oil directly to the skin your own aura becomes infused with that plants vibrational energy matrix. Every plant has its own medicinal and magical effects. Here is what Rose does for enchanting purposes.

  • Attracts Love- roses are the flowers of love. The oil is the plant kingdoms pure essence of love. Wearing the oil attracts more love into your life. Love comes in lots of different forms not just romantic so be sure to set an intention before applying rose oil to what specific type of love you want to experience.
  • Self Love- by applying rose oil directly to your heart center in circular motions you will feel an immense joy entering you. This is self love. You can do this whenever you need a reminder to give yourself love. No relationship can replace the one you have with your own self. Rose oil will help you to love and appreciate you! Your whole body, mind, and spirit.
  • Calming- rose oil calms the mind and the energy of the space. If you feel like there has been anxiety within yourself or your environment mix pure rose oil with water in a spray bottle and mist your aura and the room. The energy will calm down.
  • Romance & Lust- you can use the power of roses to boost your romantic and sex life in a variety of ways. Serve rose tea to your lover and yourself before bed time as an aphrodisiac. Apply rose oil to the sacral chakra and hair to inspire lust and enhance libido.
  • Angels- roses are energetically similar to angels and resonate to the angelic realm, many people report smelling rose when having an encounter with an angelic being. Rose incense can be burned to attract angels and their blessings. This is especially good to do during child birth and weddings, moving into a new home, or celebrating something very meaningful to you.
  • Beauty- because of the high vibrations of love the roses contain they bring alignment and balance into the physical realm (physical beauty) you can use rose petals in baths for beauty spells and rituals. Personally I love to use rosewater for beauty. Rose Water can be applied directly to the complexion as a facial toner, or mixed with glycerin for a moisturizer. You will be in shock at the dramatic results roses have on the complexion, softening the skin, eliminating breakouts, and evening the skin tone. Roses truly have the magic power to increase your beauty, the way you see yourself in the mirror and the way others see you will change if you embrace the magic of roses!   ❤ ❤ Blessed Be ❤ ❤

Henna’s Magic & Beauty

Henna-hair-coloringHenna is a very amazing plant. I’ve had quite a few magical experiences with using Henna myself. Henna is a small shrub that’s native to Africa and India. The leaves have been used for thousands of years to color the skin and hair. This is done by drying the leaves and then crushing them into a powder which is then mixed with oils or teas. You can create beautiful and intricate tattoos by painting the body with henna like this. Traditional-Henna-on-HandsThe tattoos last for a while but are not permanent, they can be black, brown, or reddish. It’s traditionally done for rituals like weddings, pregnancies, and other transitional periods of life. Henna tattoos protect from evil influences and jealousy while enhancing your own beauty. henna-hair-dyeI personally love to henna my hair. In my opinion henna is the best thing you could possibly apply to you hair. I use the Rainbow Henna brand because they have a good selection of colors to choose from. Henna deeply conditions and actually stimulates the scalp which creates more hair growth. Everyone who uses henna will tell you their hair also instantly looks much thicker and voluminous. This is because henna plates each piece of hair and gives the appearance of twice as much hair.  beauty-spellYou can create your own beauty spell by mixing a henna potion and applying it to your hair as a masque. 

  • In a bowl mix henna powder with boiling water. Add just enough water so the powder becomes a paste-like constancy
  • Add in a very small amount of apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply to hair and comb through.
  • Leave on hair for 30-60 minutes.
  • Stand before a mirror in a room lit by only a candle.
  • Look at your reflection and say “I love you, I am beautiful” 22 times.
  • Spend as much time as you need, take a bath, relax, give yourself some love.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly & Dry off.
  • Apply your favorite essential oil and begin to see the beauty that is you ❤

Henna will greatly enhance your beauty and also protect you from evil energy. The hair color will last 3-4 weeks if you use a natural gentle shampoo. The magical effects wear off once the color is gone. Its always best to color / cut your hair on the new moon to encourage growth. Beauty spells are also best preformed on the new moon as well.

Patchouli Oil Magical Effects

300x300-6081.Jpg                                                            PATCHOULI OIL

Immediately patchouli conjures up visuals in our minds of the hippy culture. Patchouli has this special scent that takes us to magical realms and it has a very earthy distinct aroma. The truth is patchouli is a very magical herb. It’s been used for a very long time to attract and repel. Whenever you apply an essential oil to the skin your aura becomes infused with that plants own vibration. Plants are teachers and spirits of their own. Every plant has medicinal and magical properties. Here is what Patchouli does for enchanting purposes.

Enjoy the magic of Patchouli best by