Supernatural Power Of Cats


For a long time now, a quiet invasion has been taking place right under our very noses.

Felines are the only animals that have chosen to domesticate themselves. Dog owners may argue this statement but its true. Apparently long ago in ancient Egypt cats decided to live among humans. By deciding, I mean they literally chose to give up on the wild and make humans adopt them into their own families, feeding, housing, and caring for them. They are incredibly evolved and intelligent creatures.

House cats share 98% of their DNA with the Tiger, its literally only their size that makes up for the 2% difference. Another shocking thing to note is that feline DNA is some of the oldest DNA known. Scientist cannot figure out why feline DNA is so old, much older than most of earths creatures, and some say that is because felines are actually aliens. That may sound funny but nothing is impossible….


I have actually heard many psychics and channels speak about the Lyran Race. The star system Lyra is home to a race of beings that have an extremely high consciousness level. Lyrans can be 5-11th dimensional. Lyrans are described as felines or humanoid beings with feline qualities and features. Lyrans have told us that they are one of the oldest races in this universe and common house cats as well as large wild cats are their descendants.  They are positive, loving beings who wish to inspire spiritual pride and unconditional love throughout the universe. You can find lyran channelings on youtube if you are really interested in them.


Cats have extremely old star origins, they appear in lots of folklore and are also the icon for a magicians familiar. If you are lucky enough to have a cat in your life as a pet you will also have lyran spirit guides assisting you with their energy. If you really love cats its possible you may have some soul origins in Lyra too. The Egyptians and other cultures like the Celts, Norse, and Asians have many myths and legends about cats. The cat spirit exists to teach many lessons.

  • Patience, waiting for the right moment to act
  • Independence, yet enjoying social connections
  • Spirit of adventure, courage
  • Deep, relaxed connection with self
  • Healing from the inside out
  • Curiosity, exploration of the unknown or the unconscious


Here are the supernatural powers of our fluffy feline friends.

  • Cats eyes are able to constantly see non physical energy. Auras, Spirits, Ghosts, Faeries, Angels and Demons are all completely visible to cats at all times. They have long been regarded as eyes to the other-side. (They are very good judges of character because of their ability to see energy, pay attention to how your cat reacts when meeting new people, they see more than meets the eye)
  • The glow from a cats eyes will repel and scare away evil spirits.
  • Cats can predict changes in weather long before a storm shows up. This is true for earthquakes as well. You can tell if the weather is going to change by observing a cats behavior.
  • Cats are very lucky animals, they always land on their feet 😉 Taking good care of your cat will bring you good luck and prosperity. In other words, make your cats well being a priority and you will experience many blessings. The more luxury you give to your cat, the more luxuries will be bestowed upon you.
  • Cats spend the majority of their lives in the astral plane(dream world) and this is why they require so much sleep almost 16-20 hours a day for most cats.
  • Cats are able to teleport to different locations, but this requires a very high vibration. In other words unless a cat is very happy it will not be able to teleport. All cat owners will agree to this, cats tend to disappear for short amounts of time and then show up out of no where.
  • Cats are able to accelerate the laws of karma, intentionally harming a cat will cause misfortune to come flying towards you.
  • Cat purrs are very healing. The frequency of a cats purr is very special and will cause rapid physical and emotional healing for the cat and any who can feel the vibration. This is a major reason why cats were so highly valued in Egypt. Cat purrs also work like sage to clear a space of negative energy and low vibrations. To make a cat purr you first have to please them in some way.
  • They have extremely enhanced senses. Imagine your sight, touch, smell, and hearing multiplied by 100 fold. However, they cannot taste very well.
  • Courage and curiosity. The cat possesses a fearless courage that frightens away dark energy and propels them forward into the unknown. They also have a healthy curiosity that allows them to experience the world without much judgement. Having a cat as a familiar or spirit totem reminds you of this.
  • Cats chose their owners. Its always best to let the cat chose you and not the other way around. It will be a peaceful relationship if you are chosen by the cat, on the other hand cats that do not belong with set owners will cause trouble, showing that they are not a vibrational match to that family. The cat that chooses to become part of your family will act like a mirror for you. They reflect to you the state of your health, mind, and emotions.
  • Cats have telepathy, they communicate by thought with each other and psychic owners. They only vocalize themselves to get attention from humans. This is why house cats make different noises that tigers. They have figured out cute meows will get them attention and food, sounding like a roaring tiger would be a little scary. 😉

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