Supernatural Power Of Silver

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In the metallic kingdom there are six metals in particular which have been associated with magic and alchemy. Silver and Gold are the most powerful. Gold resonates to the sun and contains incredible power, but today we are going to talk about silver.

Silver is the moon’s metal, its actually quite rare to find. Its associated with lunar energies, ruled by the zodiac signs of cancer and aquarius, it also resonates to the element water and the direction West. Its a bright white light that shimmers and glimmers but is strong and hard.  Ancient societies considered silver to be of equal value to that of gold for a very long time. It was discovered long ago that by keeping water in a silver vessle the water would stay fresh much longer and provide health benefits. Silver is anti microbial and it kills viruses and bacterias on contact. For this reason the invention of colloidal silver has grown in popularity, and in small doses it can destroy all types of harmful infections without harming the higher life form. This is restoring to one’s health. This is why royalty and aristocracy in the past and present would only eat from silverware 😉



In the magical metaphysical world we see silver as a very powerful metal indeed. We know that it contains moon energy and that is always strongest on new / full moons. The moon is all about feminine energy, psychic energy, and supernatural energy. One of the best ways to feel this energy is to wear silver jewelry and go for a walk during a full moon, also wear white clothes if you can for an even stronger effect. You can also feel safe knowing silver is an extremely protective metal as well, like the moon it reflects energy. Vampires, Demons, and Werewolves cannot come into contact with silver, this type of lore is well known throughout many cultures of the earth. Gold is more of a neutral energy that can used for light or dark, whilst silver is positively polarized and works to support light workers since negative entities cannot tolerate its presence. If you are an empath or someone who is sensitive to psychic energy, you may want to wear a silver chain for protection and enhancement of your gifts.                                                     antique-victorian-sterling-silver-hand-mirror-1897-276029

Here are some ways to use the supernatural power of silver.

  • Toss a silver coin into a water container to purify the water of all negative energy & bacterias.
  • Silver when worn or carried, attracts love.
  • Stimulates the psychic mind without overwhelming the conscious mind.
  • Look into a silver mirror to see yourself the way others see you.
  • Wear a silver ring when shaking hands and meeting new people for protection.
  • Combine silver with crystals to enhance and conduct their energies.
  • Place a silver coin over the brow chakra to receive visions and premonitions.
  • Wear a silver chain to protect your aura and body from being hijacked by negative energies and thoughts (especially during astral travel.)
  • Sleep with silver jewelry to prevent nightmares and stimulate lucid dreams.
  • Silver Earrings can be worn to stimulate clairaudience (the ability to hear spirits.)
  • Silver when worn stimulates & heals the lymphatic & endocrine systems.
  • Silver pendants heal and sooth the heart chakra.



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