Incarnated Faeries & Elementals


Earth Angels, by Author Doreen Virtue, is the pioneer book that opened the portal for people in the modern age to discover their soul history. She is a wonderful author and her book has helped bring peace to lots of people who knew all along they weren’t just human.

Many of the people alive today, especially those under age 60 are incarnated beings from other realms and dimensions. You may have had previous lives as a human on earth, but the majority of your time has been spent living in the higher spiritual realms. There are all kinds of Earth Angels to speak of but this article is going to be specifically about incarnated faeries and elemental spirits. This realm exists in the 4th & 5th Dimensions. It’s more rare to incarnate from this realm than the other realms because faeries and elemental are extremely attached to that nature and magic that exists here. They do incarnate into human lives for soul expansion, helping the environment, and bringing joy and magic into Earth.

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Here are some traits / characteristics of incarnated faeries to give you clarity.

  • Fast Metabolism and Thin-Light build.
  • Cute “fairy-like” Facial Features.
  • Reddish hair, Thick Hair, Freckles.
  • Celtic Heritage / Appearance.
  • Sensitive Nervous System (strong reaction to stimulants and substances.)
  • Twinkle Eyes (eyes that have a mischievous look)
  • Will Break Rules Without A Second Thought.
  • Strong Willed.
  • Quick Temper.
  • Can Be More Impatient At Times.
  • Telepathic / Empathic Abilities.
  • Extremely Strong Love For Nature.
  • Very Sensitive To Environment & Pollution.
  • A NEED To Live Near A Forest, Ocean, Mountain, River, Or Other Specific Environment.
  • Prefer Animals & Plants To People.
  • Usually Vegetarian or Vegan. (For environmental reasons)
  • Very Protective Of Nature.
  • Dislike For Cities & Most Technology Is Uninteresting.
  • Natural Trickster.
  • LOVE to Dance.
  • Playful, Youthful Personality, Natural Charm.
  • Interest In Magic & Spells.

Incarnated Faeries will fit most of these characteristics, there are other beings like leprechauns and pixies that exist in the same realm but may not fit all of these characteristics. Being from this realm you will have always resonated with fantasy, fairys, and avalon / celtic legends. If you believe this is you celebrate! It is wonderful to be from Faerie! Embrace your true self and be sure to live in an environment that makes you happy. It is more important for people from this realm to live in a specific area than any other realm. You need to make sure you are living somewhere that makes you happy, where you can get outside and play in nature. This will inspire you and create lots of health and goodness in your life naturally. Faeries that live in a beautiful environment are the happiest, the nature has to resonate with them or it will cause depression. While other people may be fine living indoors or working a job to save for a vacation this will not work for you. You can even develop illness if you aren’t in the right environment.  It is more likely to cause you emotional problems though, faeries are almost never effected by physical illnesses unless related to an environmental pollution. That being said it is also quite important that you get lots of fresh air. If indoors a lot, try essential oils to help you connect with the earth, or play healing tones & nature sounds in your home.


Every Faerie will feel connected to one element in particular. Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, Wind, or Light. Whichever one calls you is your element of power. If you are from this realm you also have powerful manifestation abilities. The faerie realm is very close to that of the magical witch realms. The two are intertwined & many shamans and witches know that faeries and nature spirits can grant wishes and preform powerful magic. Try writing down your desires in a special book you create yourself, add glitter, stickers, just make it magical. You will be surprised at how rapidly you can manifest things if you are from this realm.

The most important things to note being an incarnated faerie.

1. Make sure you get plenty of time in nature, also help the environment by choosing a diet / lifestyle that is environmentally friendly. Recycle, and do your part.

2. Embrace your true nature, Faeries are playful and fun. They know how to have a good time and make other people feel good too. Don’t compare yourself to others or do things that make you feel restricted. If you don’t resonate with a certain spiritual practice or lifestyle don’t force yourself to conform. Faeries are wild and free spirits, you just naturally uplift and inspire people when you are being yourself.


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