The Realm Of Faerie


Much truth about this world has been lost.

The veil between our world and faerie is becoming thinner now as more people are finally starting to believe again.


Please keep an open mind while reading this, after all you should know by now if you don’t believe in faeries you will never see them. 😉  Faeries are spirits deeply connected to nature and magic. The Faerie realm exists in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension vibrates at a much higher frequency than that of the third dimension. It is a real place and just as physical as the Earth plane, but perhaps a little lighter and more beautiful. Its not only faeries that reside in the fourth dimension, but all kinds of astral beings live there too. Here, there are upper and lower levels because of the polarity. The fourth dimension sometimes contains departed loved ones who prefer to remain there but most go to the 5th dimension in the afterlife because there is no duality there, only love. This 4D world cannot be perceived by you unless you are a vibrational match to it. Your lifestyle must reflect this in some way for you to have a connection. The 2012 galactic shift has caused a mass spiritual awakening in Earth’s human population, and the planet is now shifting from 3D to 4D slowly. Many things that were once thought to be just “fairytales” will actually soon be proved real because we are collectively merging closer and piercing the veils into the higher realms more each day.

Only people who really believe and resonate with faeries are able to see and interact with them. The fourth dimensional portal is opened once you start to believe in things you cannot see. People have had it backwards, they say “if you can see it, then believe it” but the truth is its actually the opposite. You have to first believe in something before it can manifest in your reality.


The world you were born into, this world, with computers and Starbucks is called the third dimension. Its a fascinating place with lots of learning opportunities for your spirit, but living with your consciousness attached to that reality all the time can easily drain the magic out of you. This focus only on the 3D physical world is what makes people grow old, become sick, and live out their days confused about death and the mysteries of life. With all the things to buy, pictures to post, drinks to be had, and years spent focusing on money, you can see why people forget about the faerie realm and shrug off all things supernatural as just myths and lies.

         consumerism-1-638 home4-4032                         How do you ever expect to encounter real magic in a fake world?


Its a popular belief that faeries can be seen only by children and this is true to some extent. Children are fresh from the spirit realm, their bodies and minds are not yet polluted with poisons like fluoride and media. Children (especially healthy kids) can move their consciousness in and out of dimensions much more easily than adults can. However you can always find your way to the faerie realm… you don’t have to be a child, you just have to know where to look.


The fourth dimension is around us all the time, but it is easier to really experience that world when you are out in nature. The farther away you get from cities and humans the closer you get to finding magical places. Nature is where the real magic lives, which is why it needs to be protected and looked after. Nature is the one of the “gateways” to accessing the higher realms. If you look closely and make yourself small enough you will see how enchanted nature really is. What may seem normal and ordinary is actually wonderful and brilliant if you can see things differently.  Try to find a natural place that’s quiet, go alone or with a close friend who also believes. Start by focusing on the beauty around you, the small delicate designs in flower petals, or imagine what a tree looks like from a butterflies point of view. Let your mind wonder and slip away from the density of Earth. Enter with a pure heart and a loving smile, you will always be protected as long as you wish no harm on others. After a while you may feel giddy like all you want to do is laugh and play as if you were a kid again. This happy feeling is what some might call faerie magic. You may hear faint laughter and music, hinting that you are never alone. They will only show themselves to you if they truly trust you, and its much easier for them to send you mental visuals and sounds than to actually lower their vibration down to be physically perceived by you. This is why you need to be very high vibrational to interact with them at all.


Keep in mind that faeries are not like angels. Angels are beings who are of an extremely high consciousness level that are 100% positively polarized. Faeries still have egos, and the faerie realm has duality. Light and dark both exist here. Faeries are known to be tricksters, and they love a good laugh. They may play tricks on you to test you. All faeries love nature and they become extremely defensive of it, they do not see themselves separate from nature as humans do. One way that faeries get back at people is by stealing things. For example, if some guys are hiking on a trail and decide to leave their garbage behind a faerie might take their car keys and leave them stranded for hours. If you ask me I think its funny, after all they would definitely have time to go back and pick up the liter.


Because of mankind’s constant assault up on the Earth, her animals, forests, oceans and rivers, faeries have taken up a general dislike for humans. They are also telepathic beings able to read thoughts, they can tell how you feel about the environment and if you are worth interacting with or not. In the past, especially in native cultures faeries and 4D beings could easily be seen, this is because people were much more connected to the land back then. If you want to see faeries in today world, you need to do your part and clean up first!


Lets talk about faeries then shall we?

If you are still reading and resonate with this information it’s likely that you may have a connection to the faerie realm. You could have faerie spirit guides helping you and reminding you to do your part for the environment. Faeries have also recently been approached by members of the galactic federation of light, they have been made aware of extraterrestrials and now they work together to help Earth during this shift we are in now. Also it’s rare but not impossible that you could actually be an incarnated faerie. This is because some faeries felt like they can impact the world more and help by incarnating into a human body. Incarnated faeries usually have Celtic ancestry. Celtic people have faerie DNA which is needed to host a soul that incarnates from this realm. If you are interested more in this please comment and I will write another article describing characteristics of incarnated faeries.


In The Realm Of Faerie

  • Eternal Youth- They do not age because time does not exist in their world.
  • Shape Shifting- They can transform into whatever they desire.
  • Glamour- They can make anyone perceive them as beautiful.
  • Flying- The wings are etheric and made of light not physical, however they can levitate and it looks like they are flying.
  • Teleportation- They can transport themselves anywhere they want to go, the laws of time and space are much more fluid in the fourth dimension.
  • Nightly Parties- Faeries hold nightly parties filled with dancing and honey wines, they are also known to be flirtatious and promiscuous. They gather together at night so they can party and during the day they rest or explore on their own.
  • Dancing- Faeries love to dance! Its their favorite thing to do.
  • Manifestation- Faeries can manifest anything out of thin air, in the fourth dimension thought + intention = manifestation. People have always associated faeries with granting wishes.
  • Nature Manipulation- Faeries and nature are one and the same, they can manipulate the elements and the environment around them for protection and other reasons.
  • Guardians- For people who have Faerie DNA, certain faeries are assigned to guide and protect them even if they have no current interest in faeries. They also watch over and protect animals and sacred plants.

There is much more to be told and discovered about this enchanted world. If you have a faerie story, questions, or request for a future blog on this topic let me know ❤


7 thoughts on “The Realm Of Faerie

  1. Hello there , my name is Barbara , I love your reading on fairies , it’s so interesting , I have always been interested in Angels and fairies all my life ! I now live in Dubai in the Middle East and its full of desert ! I have a garden here , but it’s not great ! I have Palm trees and little amount of flowers , as it’s so hot here in the summer months , the flowers die and the garden is so dry at times ! I often wonder as I would love to know , would there be fairies in the garden here ?? I do miss so much real nature here , I am from Ireland myself and was always used to green fields and forests etc .. I do dream of wakening up to lovely green fields again and nature ! Thank you for taken the time to read this .
    Love and blessings to you
    Regards Barbara xxx


  2. I would love to learn more about characteristics of an incarnated faerie because I believe I am one. An incarnated water nymph. Thank you for your time.


  3. I have always been attracted to the faeries and their realm. I also believe in unicorns. I see them both in my dreams and when I am in another state during meditation. I read books to my granddaughters about them. My youngest granddaughter told me she saw a fairy in my garden when she was 5. I believed her and thank goodness her mom believed her too! Yes, i would love to learn and read more about incarnated faeries. Thank you so much.


  4. Hey… Fairy typing….. 🙂
    I would like to speak to you deeper and share my story with you, to help me learn and understand more. Have always known Im a fairy and have recently been blessed with some magical photograpghs prooving that I am an incarnated fairy! Magical things are happening in time and I’d really like to share with you so you can tell me more 🙂
    Tink x


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