Are you sure they are your twin flame?


Until the recent social media storm pushing the awakening movement not many people were even aware of the twin flame concept. Now more than ever people are uniting with their twin flames. Between incarnations you rest in a place called the spirit realm. This is the reality that exists in the 5th and above dimensional planes. In this realm, for those who choose to reincarnate to serve their expansions, we plan our future incarnations with the help of spirit guides and members of our soul group. In this current lifetime on Earth we are faced with many stressful challenges so its no wonder why many of you chose to meet up with your twin flame at some point so you can better handle things here in the physical. Your twin flame is the only person in the universe you can have this unique connection with… its a very powerful bond. Soul mates are people who often get confused with twin flames. A soul mate is someone who is part of your soul group. Soul groups are like huge communities of consciousness that are expanding together. Soul mates share relationships together that can sometimes feel very similar to that of twin flame relationships. You and your soul mates often switch roles with each other throughout lifetimes to learn and gain perspective. Souls mates can be lovers, family members, pets, and close friends. This is a very cool time period and many of your soul mates are here with you. You have met many of them already, and because of the internet and social media you can stay connected to your soul mates however you get to cover more “ground” by living apart. Have you ever met someone and had an amazing connection together, you keep in touch online all the time, but you don’t see each other physically often or ever? This is a modern soul mate relationship. Twin Flame relationships are not always romantic though, they can be platonic. You and your twin chose before the incarnation what type of relationship will serve you both best during the lifetime.


Ever since I met my twin flame I have received lots of emails from people asking me questions. How do you know he is your twin flame? What did you do to meet him? Are you sure you know he is the right one? Can you tell me when I’ll meet my twin? I don’t understand your relationship with him, are you sure you want to stay together? These are just a few…. I know I needed to write this blog so that I could explain to everyone what is a twin flame, and the difference between twin flames and soul mates. Below is a list of information I have been piecing together for the last year, ever since I met my twin flame. It will help you better understand what a twin flame relationship is really like.

  • I’ve known you before- This feeling of knowing someone very deeply, way beyond what the surface reality says is a sign you are with your twin flame. This happens with soul mates too however. Souls recognize each other instantly, but the physical body has no cell memory of this other person so it may seem confusing at first.
  • Synchronicity- This occurs whenever you are on the right “path” with what your higher self wants for you. You notice synchronized numbers, patterns, names, words etc. when you are becoming awakened. Twin flames will freak out sometimes because of all the synchronicity they share together! You will have so many things in common and mostly likely experience similar lessons before you meet. You will both have very similar interests and beliefs. Its gonna feel like you have been living in parallel universes with this person because you have!
  • Instant relationship- Before you know it you guys are together. You meet up (usually in the most random unexpected way) and within what seems like no time you are extremely close. For at least one of the twins there will be no “guessing” involved. Most likely you will both just “know” you need to be together and a relationship will start right away. You won’t feel the need to “date” or “get to know” each other. Your family and friends probably won’t understand and they may try to talk you out of it. Even if they don’t feel like this is the right person for you their opinion doesn’t stand a chance.
  • Nothing can stop it- It may seem crazy, like your whole life is suddenly shifting around. (This is because your realities are blending) This pull is much stronger than any crush. In fact it won’t even feel like a crush, it will just feel like you both have to be together. You will pick up and move across the country, you will quit your long time job, you may even end relationships with family members and friends who oppose your twin flame. In truth nothing can stop you and your twin flame from being together.
  • Acceptance- You accept everything about each other, even if its not your definition of perfect you both learn to accept and love each other for all that you both are. You will definitely change and grow together but you are still separate individuals even though it feels like you have everything in common. Everyone wants to feel genuinely accepted and loved for who they really are, not the mask we present to the world.  This is what you both provide for each other, the freedom to express yourselves without judgement.
  • You can’t break up- It’s like no matter what you do or say! Unconditional love is what keeps you together. This can be amusing sometimes because no matter how messed up your ego is, the ego cannot win in a twin flame relationship. You won’t be able to break up, and if you do it won’t last long before you are laughing and while enjoying your favorite foods together feeling silly about what happened 5 minutes ago. Your twin flame is like your own reflection, when you try to break up with them or be selfish its mirrored right back to you. Your actions are reflected and you both work through it together. This is a process, its like deep cleaning for your subconscious and you both grow tremendously by being together. No matter what either of you are going through or feeling, you won’t want to break up with each other because of that unbreakable love that has always kept you together.
  • Emotional- Emotions are so powerful between twin flames. Empathy is always turned on between you two, and you will find your emotions greatly effect your twin flame and vise versa. We have a wide spectrum on emotions to experience while incarnated, not all of them are positive and love light. Its perfectly okay to experience dark emotions too and you will both have some extremely emotional days together. This is not bad at all, actually its great because the twin flame relationship teaches you that no matter how emotional you get you will still be loved and accepted by your partner.
  • The mission- Almost all twin flame couples say they are on a mission together. You both feel like you need to do or create something to give back to the world together. This is true, you both knew about all of this before the incarnation. The planet is in great need of help, and this is why so many twin flames are coming together now. When twin flames unite in the physical, the “mission” is remembered and you will want to accomplish it together. Even if you both have different “goals” in life its your mission to accomplish these together. You will both want to support each others objectives no matter how different or similar they may be.
  • Sex doesn’t matter- In the recent past, sex was the only thing that mattered in romantic relationships. Its definitely portrayed that way on TV! If sex wasn’t perfect then the relationship is going down a dead end road according to pop culture. This is not true at all with twin flame relationships. Now don’t get me wrong, sex between twin flames can be absolutely wonderful but it is not going to make or break the relationship. It can be very challenging to remove societies sexual programming but nothing is impossible for twin flame relationships. You can never ever erase the bond with your twin flame even if you both decide to have sexual encounters with different people. Unconditional love is the main lesson here, and that’s about accepting each other for who you both are and allowing each other to be that way. It feels so nice to know you are that important to each other ❤
  • Psychic abilities- Since you are both so closely bonded to each other its totally natural for you to be telepathic and empathic with your twin flame. Soul mates experience this too but its more intense with twin flames. Even for people who have no prior interest or belief in psychic abilities, when you meet your twin flame you will open up. My twin and I can hear each others thoughts and we feel each others emotions. Its quite common for us to say the same thing at the same time and for our moods to change instantly by being in the same room together. I’ll know what my twin flame wants for diner because I will be craving it too!
  • The best- You both really do bring out the best in each other, what your provide for each other is so strong that it allows you both to really shine and grow. You will both wonder how you made it through life before… how was it possible to go through all of that alone? Now that you are together and you really see how much your lives are improving you will both realize how important you really are to each other. Its beautiful! Its really is the best.


So that explains what a twin flame relationship is like. It is a lot like the fantasy fairytale, but in a way its not. Its all about balance. You may be wondering how to find your twin flame… what can you do to meet them? The truth is I have no idea. When you are ready you will meet each other. You cannot wait around expecting them to show up one day though. You have to get out there into the world, raise your vibration and live your life. Start by giving yourself lots of love and respect, that will make it much easier when you actually meet your twin flame.  Stop looking for them because it doesn’t usually work that way. It happens when you very least expect it, all in perfect timing of course ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


3 thoughts on “Are you sure they are your twin flame?

  1. I know I have met and had a relationship with my twin flame. A love beyond reasonability. We are not together and I ache for him. What do you think of Matt Kahn’s description of
    Twin Flames? He feels that we meet out twin flames when we are “On the fast track of spiritual evolution.” He says it can be passion first, then tumultous hell and then to RUN! That our soul mate may not feel as passionate but is better able to negotiate and express unconditional love long term. Has anyone been with their twin flames for many years?


  2. Wow! So accurate!! When Sean and I met and came together, I knew something crazy was happening due to physical, metaphysical and other “symptoms” we experienced. I began searching for other like experiences and found many accounts of similar synchronicities and connections and that is how I discovered the concept of Twin Flame. I then realized that in many ways I had been calling in my purpose and my vibrational twin since childhood, and months before had started working with a piece of rhodochrosite shaped like an anatomical heart. What an amazing journey it has been. Not always easy, but I have always known that I am an explorer, pioneer and meant to work for light on this earth. So glad and grateful to be connecting with you, thank you for sharing your experience with us! Blessing and Love to you both!


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